Bobbing Grease

With the utilization of effective grade of compounds, such as petroleum waxes and fatty acids, under the favorable condition a wide range of impelling Bobbing Grease is offered by DARA INC. This is used as the lubricant along with the abrasive belts and flexible` abrasive wheels for the reduction of optimum temperature. Its application prevents the the abrasive belt from getting filled with dust and dirt, which helps in elevating the shelve life of the linshing belt, which is also known as the sanding wheel. In the supervision of our qualified profession, this effective lubricant compound has been gone through number of strict quality checks, which ensures the quality of the Bobbing Grease as per industrial standards. Offered range of effective compound is applied for the purpose of cutting and grinding of aluminum and its usage also retard the cutting sharpness of the material. Offered wax compound is of brown color, which is applied on the strongest grade of disc, saw blades and belts. This lubricant compound is known for its biodegradable nature, which does not have any toxic effect on environment. Bobbing Grease is usually insoluble in water, but it gets dissolve in various organic solvents, it has the relative density of 900kg/m3 approx and has the viscosity range from 2.5-10 mm square and approx. This wax compound is known for its stable nature, which does not have any adverse effect on environment. It comes in different types of air tight and moisture free packaging in different quantities as per the requirements of our clients.

This range of Bobbing Grease has various chemical properties which are:
Flash Point – More than 150 degree Celsius
Vapor Pressure – Less than 1 mbar
Melting Point – More than 50 degree Celsius and approx
Boiling Point – More than 200 DEGREE Celsius